Guide to Know the Popular Live Dealer Casino Games

Live dealer casinos only provide games that are both suitable for live dealers and sufficiently well-liked to justify employing dealers. Roulette is the ideal illustration of a live dealer game since it allows the casino to accept many bets while only requiring a single-wheel turn. Play familiar live casino games with the slot 5000 websites.

The most well-liked live dealer games are listed here in brief. They may not be the only games accessible, but they account for well over 95% of all online live dealer games.


The most played live dealer casino game online on slot 5000 is blackjack. Although it requires a bit more work from the casino than baccarat and roulette, the player base makes it worthwhile to offer. After placing their bets, each player receives two cards, and the dealer also gets two cards. In cases when it is possible, each player chooses whether to hit, stand, double down, split, or surrender before the dealer completes the action. After each player has had a turn, the dealer deals herself a second card to finish off her hand.


One game that is well-known virtually everywhere around the globe is roulette. Even if you never play, you get accustomed to the sound of an ivory ball spinning inside a roulette wheel. Players access a wide range of wagering options, from wagers on a single number that pays 35 to 1 to bets on black, red, even, or odd, which pay even money. There are two types of roulette wheels: single zero or European roulette and double zero or American roulette. If you have a choice, play on single zero wheels because they are typically available at live dealer casinos.


Baccarat typically plays well when played with a live dealer since the dealer handles all game-related tasks once the player places their bet. This game allows the casino to accept bets without affecting the current hand or delaying play. The dealer then gives out two hands of two cards each after the players have placed their wagers on tie, banker, or player. Each hand either stays or obtains a new card as long as the established rules are maintained.

3-Card Poker

Only a few live dealer casinos offer 3-card poker, although both traditional and online casinos have plenty of players that enjoy the game. Three-card poker gets played against the dealer, and the payment depends on how strong your hand is.

Sic Bo

Asian consumers are huge fans of the dice game Sic Bo. You can bet on what you think the dice roll result will be using this service, provided by select live dealer casinos. The dice get revealed after placing wagers, and you get paid out following your bets. Based on the likelihood that they will, various combinations pay out differently.

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